Welcome to a new album

On July 20th when My Chemical Romance flew the Black Parade flag on their website I was ready to pull out the dark eyeliner, cut my side bangs and bring out all of my emo clothes, until I found out that there wasn’t a revival tour but in fact a new album coming out.

It was an emotional rollercoaster that day and I have been counting down the days to the album coming out ever since.

And on Sept. 23rd as we celebrated MCR’s Black Parade 10th anniversary, I was celebrating about the stellar new album that had just dropped.

Originally I thought that all the covers that Twenty One Pilots and Asking Alexandria had previously leaked were going to be on the album, but it is the original Black Parade album with live demos and rough mixes.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

During “The Five of us are Dying” track the second verse starts off with a verse from “Welcome to the Black Parade” as the underlying beat carries through the song.

Although there aren’t any changes to the original tracks from the Black Parade CD. The band did provide live demos for songs such as “Mama,” “Kill all your friends” and two versions of “House of Wolves”

Out of all the live demos, my favorite has to be “Mama” if you listen to it after the original track it has more of a raspy, punk feel to it.

So even though, they let us down with the revival tour, My Chemical Romance has kept up their unique sound and I couldn’t be more impressed.

Make sure you give it a listen, it’s definitely worth it.