Radio station undergoes changes

Faith Connell was one of the first people to know about the renaming of the USI radio station.

Connell, the promotions director for The Spin, found out about the renaming over the summer soon after the station made its change from AM to FM.

The FM change led to a lot of local press, which in turn led a company to reach out to inform the station that they already owned the trademark for The Edge as a radio station.

John Morris, the general manager for the radio station, said he reached out to the university’s law firm and a representative there was able to confirm that The Edge was trademarked.

“They offered to let us keep the name,” Morris said. “But it would cost us up to a couple thousand a year.”

Morris said the price would continue to rise each year and as the GM he would much rather see the money go to the students who work for the station.

Connell said not everyone was excited about the name change, but with the changes to FM and a focus particularly on alternative music the staff adapted to the idea.

“Everyone jumped on the opportunity to find our brand,” Connell said.

Connell said the switch to FM has been amazing for the station. She has seen the social media grown even within the past month or so.

“It’s quite insane actually,” she said.

She said when the station does remote events they get feedback from their listeners and it’s cool to be able to reach out into the community.

Connell said the opportunities to reach a larger audience have grown and in turn so have the opportunities for the staff.

The group is still trying to get everything switched over and make sure the branding is consistent.

“It’s a bigger process than we thought,” she said.

Morris said the station has to focus on having everything switched over before the end of September.

“I think things have gone well,” Morris said. “Certainly we hated to lose The Edge because we’ve had it for eight years and we built it up, but it’s been a good lesson in trademarks and copyright law which are very big in communications.”