SGA talks plans for 2016

Student Government Association discussed future events, such as a campaign against sexual assault and an event focusing on racial tensions, at its first meeting Aug. 25.

SGA president Ashley Wright and Administrative Vice President for Social and Cultural Issues Christina Lutes will lead the campaign against sexual assault scheduled for Nov. 8-13.

Wright said the campaign has been high on her agenda.

“It’s one of the things that I care passionately about,” said Wright. “(Lutes) and I will be working very closely with that, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.”

Wright said another important affair for SGA is its role in encouraging voter registration for the upcoming election.

From Sept. 22-24, SGA will be set up in the Quad asking students to participate in the elections on Nov. 4. The tabling will contribute to the university-wide effort for voter registration known as “Squawk the Vote.”

“I feel that as much as young people speak about politics and voice their opinions about it, a lot of people aren’t doing what they need to get out vote,” Andrew Ramsey, administrative vice president for government relations, said. “I think this is helpful to them so they don’t have to say, ‘Well, I have to go here or I have to go there,’ because we will have the registration forms right there for them.”

Ramsey said a similar voter registration event was held on campus back in 2004. SGA was able to get over 250 students registered to vote. The goal for September is 1000 students.

Wright also noted mounting racial issues across the country, and said SGA hopes to create a dialogue on campus that will reduce racial divides and bring the USI community closer together.

“The Counseling Center did something similar over the summer in Carter Hall and they did roundtable discussions, so we kind of want to play off of that,” she said. “We do want to keep it an open discussion between all the USI students, faculty and staff so we can better understand what’s going on in the world right now and just kind of bounce ideas off of each other.”