Create, motivate, graduate

Aspiring rapper aims to help others through organization, music


courtesy of Maurice Rush

Maurice Rush, a freshman English education major, performs at Live at the Apollo last October in Carter Hall.

Maurice Rush’s future plans include creating a fan base, going on tours and making it big in the music industry. But first, his plan is to graduate college. .

Rush, a freshman English education major has been writing music for four months and started recording in Indianapolis, his hometown, with producer DJ Goodnight.

Rush said he found out he could freestyle after he noticed two guys he knew from high school walk into the movie theatre where he works acting fake.

“I started freestyling when we were closing,” Rush said, “and that’s when it registered to me, maybe I could begin as an artist.”

Rush said he wants his music to help people overcome rough patches  in life, as well as motivate them to chase their dreams

“I like to center my music around motivating others to be better,” he said.  “I like to center it around real-life events that happen to me and my memories, as well as a little sadness but overcoming it.”

Rush said his biggest inspirations are Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder .

“(West) inspired me because I’ve listened to every single album he has produced and every time it’s a different sound,” he said. “He brings out his soul in his music and I want to do that with my music.”

Before winter break, Rush brought the organization The Character Crew Society from his hometown to campus.

The organization aims to help  students build togetherness and listen to each other.

Rush said he wants the organization to give people comfort and for everyone to cooperate with each other.When the organization starts up, there will be workshops and if students are interested they can contact him at [email protected]

“It gives a reflection of what kind of person I am,” he said. “I want to motivate people and it reflects my music as well.”

The freshman isn’t selling his music because he wants to get his name out in the music industry and build a fanbase.

Keegan Roembke, a freshman economics and finance double major, said he enjoys Rush’s music because he tells his own story and writes all of his own lyrics. He said his music is straight from the heart.

Roembke said his favorite song by Rush is “Off the Coast” because he doesn’t just rap, but sings in it as well.

“He just sang an original song for me one day,” Roembke said “I met him because we both joined SGA and he told me he was into music and sang in the office for me. That was the first time I heard him sing.”

Roembke said he is a fan and will support him.

“I think he could (make it),” Roembke said. “He is really committed to it and he is after the goal. If he keeps working hard, I think he could do it.”

Rush’s Soundcloud username for people to listen to his music at is Rush-Maurice.