Feeling (road) salty

Saturday night a light rainfall turned dastardly when temperatures dipped, leaving a thin sheet of ice on local roadways. This ice was then topped with a thin dusting of snow. Yet here I am, typing an opinion on Monday afternoon in The Shield newsroom because campus is open today.

Lucky me.

While paling in comparison to #Snowmageddon2015, this single flare-up of winter-like weather (unexpectedly showing up in the middle of winter, no less) seemed to catch both Evansville and Henderson road departments off-guard. Despite having all of Sunday to clear major thoroughfares, this morning I had to drive a two-and-a-half ton 4×4 SUV to school instead of my daily driver because a half-inch of ice is still covering the majority of my 45-minute commute.

I had to throw $24 of gas  out the window  so I could attend two classes and a meeting.

I could have e-mailed my instructors and made arrangements to make up whatever material was covered on the first day of class, but I absolutely hate making myself the exception, especially in a situation where I’m not an exception, I’m part of a crowd. College is a big system, designed to take many factors into account. There are times when one has to stand up for themselves. My first interaction with an instructor should not have to be one of those times.

Last year I wrote an opinion piece backing up campus’ decision to stay open during the #Snowpocalypse, and I stand by that opinion.

What frenches my fry is the fact that this decision simply discounts any commuter student.

Hell, driving from Mission Viejo was a dangerous proposition  Monday morning as the dividing line between the right and left lanes on the Lloyd Expressway was a sea of slush.

I’m incredibly confident in my ability to drive in icy weather, but I have no confidence in Evansville’s drivers during icy conditions.

As I’m writing this at 3:30 p.m., the EvansvilleWatch Facebook page has posted six separate collision reports in the past hour alone.

Evansville under adverse weather conditions turns into a colder version of “Mad Max,” and I wish to take no part in that.

Whoever is in charge of these things at the university: please consider making some kind of half-campus snow day. Classes could run on schedule, but commuters are automatically excused. We may not pay as much, but we’re people, too.