Students embracing new logo

Brenna Wu

USI revealed the new academic and athletic logos April 9.

The President of USI gave an introduction to what USI was looking for in the near future – “some swagger.”

During a nice fashion show, deans, professors, custodians, coaches, players, students and dogs walked the catwalk and displayed the new styles.

Students seemed to respond with enthusiasm and excitement, but that might have partially been due to the free swag bags that attendees were given at the big reveal.

But, what did students really think about the two new logos?

Athletes were given the chance to receive a shirt with the new athletic logo to display during the logo launch.

A lot of the athletes loved the new eagle. The eagle seemed to represent something bold and unique.

The lettering even got students excited.

The director of athletics noted that the athletics department would receive an entire font to itself when designing shirts, jerseys and shorts.

The athletes were ready for new uniforms, but to have brands accept the new logo will take time and effort.

After the launch, students had a general liking to the new torch that resembled knowledge and light.

Some students, however, were looking for a new symbol or something that truly represented the USI family.

I love the torch. It represents the future of what USI can and will be.

USI almost needs to bring the light back to campus.

The Campus Store has plenty of new gear and accessories in and ready for everyone to buy.

I could not be any happier.

Look to the future of the torch and see what the new screaming eagle can offer.