Spring Break tips to keep in mind

Brenna Wu

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I  guarantee  a lot of students are excited for Spring Break. Usually students break into two groups: one group goes down to Florida for sunshine and fun while the other group of individuals might head home for their break to see their families.

I personally get the opportunity to head down to Florida to play tennis with my teammates for the whole week and still have time to soak in the sun. The great thing about Spring Break is the getaway from school, professors, and even roommates that you cannot stand. But, I do have some Spring Break tips before you head out next week.

  1. Definitely watch what you post on your social media accounts. You are still a student at the University of Southern Indiana. Sometimes things do come back to bite you in the butt.
  2. On some nights, be the designated driver. Your friends may want to party, which is always a blast, but make sure you or someone else is the DD.
  3. Go for a run along the beach or get some form of exercise. Yes, you might be there only to have fun, but take in the sun, the beach and the air, and maybe go for a walk or just run with some friends.
  4. Have fun. The last tip is something I definitely think everyone will do. Spring break is the one time before summer that you may get to spend with your friends from USI or wherever else. Take the time to truly enjoy it.

Those tips are just some that even my high school teachers preached to their students before they left. Wherever you go for spring break, do enjoy it. Take pictures to always remember the memories you made on that trip. One last thing: Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. But if you do, take pictures.