Bobby Shipman

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“Lovelace” is shocking, well-cast and heart-wrenching, but fails to fully develop its star.

In 1972, Linda Boreman, played by Amanda Seyfried, shot to fame in the film “Deep Throat,” a porn film about a girl with an unusual birth defect: her clitoris resides deep within her throat.

Boreman, otherwise known as “Lovelace,” hit mainstream audiences with her film “Deep Throat” and became America’s first porn star.

Amanda Seyfried shed her girl-next-door demeanor (seen in movies like “Les Miserables” and “Mamma Mia”) in multiple scenes in “Lovelace” by preforming fellatio on several characters.

Stardom proved unfulfilling for the young star, she said in her autobiography.

Her husband at the time, Chuck Traynor (played by Peter Sarsgaard), allegedly abused her and forced her into the porn industry at gunpoint.

“Lovelace” provides a look at her life from her perspective, beginning with life with her parents after an unwed pregnancy.

The acting is profound and inspiring, aside from James Franco’s peculiar role as famous playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner.

We get only minor glimpses of Lovelace’s dismay and desire to escape the porn industry. With that being said, the scenes we do see are intense.

The film illuminates a mindset that was prominent in the past and still common today: wives should do whatever their husbands say and that is how a marriage works.

This, according the Linda Boreman, is what drove her into an abusive marriage and unshakable fame as a “deeply” talented woman.

The film does an excellent job of revealing the dark side to Boreman’s temporary involvement in the porn industry, but shies away from going deeper into her character’s psyche.